* Travel fees apply for all shoots outside anchorage city limits

Preparing your home for a shoot

Clean Up

Have the home cleaned as if company were coming over for dinner. That means clear the countertops, remove toiletries from bathrooms, make beds, vacuum...etc. Don't be shy, fill the cupboards, closets and garage with clutter, you can move it out after. Also, don't forget to clean up the front and back yard as well.

Turn On All The Lights

Bright, warm and inviting photos sell homes, so turn on everything with a lightbulb to maximize lighting.

For Realtors!

Your presence throughout the entirety of a shoot is not necessary, but at the beginning is appreciated. We want your thoughts about special features of the home, what you want emphasis on and possible rearrangement of rooms.

Garages and Cars

We usually don't shoot garages unless you've got an epic man cave, or shop built in. They are a great place to put your pets during the shoot. Also, have all vehicles moved out of the driveway before the shoot.

Clean Windows and Open Blinds

Unmaintained and foggy windows can become problems, especially in living room compositions. Clean the windows and open those blinds to let the natural light in.


We want your photos to be magazine worthy and they easily can be if you properly prepare for the shoot. We'll help you if you're in a bind, but overall, the order of your home is up to you and we will shoot it as is, unless we choose to reschedule. Selling a listing can be hectic, but with beautiful photos of a clean home, we guarantee a faster sell.